Culture Alignment

How aligned is your organization with your culture? Do you have a mission? What are your values? FreeForm can help you create alignment between your vision, values, people, and processes. We will also help you develop a plan to sustain and reinforce your culture.

Leadership Development

We believe that strong leadership is critical to high organizational performance and success. FreeForm can help develop your executives, management team, front-line supervisors, and high potential employees. Using character-based leadership principles, we will guide your staff to discover and define their leadership foundation, building strong character.

Management Training

To be successful in today's business world, you need to build from a strong foundation by providing your team with the skills and training to be competent managers.  FreeForm offers programming from skills labs to multi-day workshops on core management competencies, such as; legal issues, performance feedback, communication, decision making, emotional intelligence, and managing relationships.

Employee Engagement

Engagement is not a program, it is an outcome of a workplace culture that understands and values the contributions of their staff. FreeForm can customize a business solution that will help you build an engaged culture and high performing organization.

Team Building

Do you have a new or existing team that you want to engage? FreeForm can help you build collaborative work sessions that will help your team define roles & responsibilities, understand each other on a deeper level, and enhance social interaction.

Performance Management

How effective are your performance management systems? Do employees understand how to meet your expectations and the correlation to high performance? We can teach your leaders to give effective performance feedback to reinforce positive behaviors and redirect when necessary.

Change Management

Communication is the cornerstone of an engaged culture. Understanding the "WHY" is paramount to successfully managing through the shifts of an evolving business. FreeForm can help you manage your change by supporting your planning and developing communication strategies to meet your desired outcomes.


FreeForm has extensive experience in bringing multiple stakeholders together to a mutual understanding, while retaining mutual respect. Leveraging techniques that provide a structured process that allows for open, free-flowing dialogue, facilitated meetings conclude with well defined plans to guide implementation and outline accountability.

Business Process Optimization

Many times organizational performance issues boil down to a broken or outdated business process. FreeForm utilizes Lean theories, strategies, and tools to engage your subject matter experts in employee-driven process re-engineering. From day-long work sessions to multi-day events, we will help your teams define the problem, desired state, and metrics to develop an implementation plan that will create efficiencies within your organization. We will also support sustainment efforts to ensure that change is fully adopted.

Human Resources Support

FreeForm has over 10 years of tactical and strategic human resource experience that you can leverage. With certifications from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), the support you receive is sure to be up to date and in alignment with the industry's best practices.